Art And Creation

Driven by the need to contribute for selfless reasons, and the need to communicate for selfish reasons.


Dylan Sesco was born in the San Francisco Bay Area. Growing up he was drawn to art in various forms. From building models to drawing to filming videos with a camcorder to fashion.

Trials and tribulations and a sense of drama in everyday life led to finding a voice in music and poetry.

Dylan created music and videos for years with various childhood friends and eventually started Vertlife Entertainment in 2011 with the first premiere artist Flax. Vertlife Entertainment ended up releasing a handful of projects worldwide on every possible outlet.

After music, Dylan pivoted to focus on a film project which ultimately became The Somethin’ Or Other Tour on Youtube with his brother Cole in 2016. Over 200 videos and nearly a million views later, this is now passion and the leading project from Vertlife Entertainment.

He continues to work on The Somethin’ Or Other Tour as well as The Humble Finessors Podcast with co-host Ave, and full length documentary projects.

“Live life vertical”